We provide all-round marketing and technical support for developing low calorie sweets by making use of our low calorie sweeteners which retain the textures, taste and shelf life of the sweets similar to the sweets that are prepared/made out of sugar. Our concepts respond to the Health and Nutrition trend, delivers the delicious products reduced in Calories and offering Health benefits.

 Usage Guidelines

“SWEETOS” is a sweetener, which has sweetness equivalent to that of sugar. It means that on a weight-to-weight basis “SWEETOS” can be substituted for sugar.

In any recipe where sugar/ sugar syrup is used as main ingredient ‘SWEETOS’ can be used as follows :
1) Measure the total amount of sugar / sugar syrup required in the recipe (in gm/liters).
 2) Measure exactly the same amount of “SWEETOS” to provide sugar equivalent sweetness in the  recipe.
 All Traditional Sweets With Sweetos Liquid Sweetener
Badam Halwa Balushahi Dry Fruit Chikki Gajar ka Halwa
Gajar Pak Ghewar Gulab Jamun Jalebi
Kaju Papdi Karachi Halwa Khoa Burfi Khoapuri Chandrakala
Lauki ka Halwa Milk Burfi Milk Cake Kalakand Milk Peda
Moong Dal Halwa Motichoor Laddu Paneer Jalebi Shrikand
Soan Papdi Sugar Free Bite White Kalakand And much more

  Sweets with Sweetos Powder Sweetener
1)   Badam Katali
2)   Besan Ladoo
3)   Kaju Katali
4)   Mohan Thal
5)   And other kind of dry fruits sweets