There are many factors contributing to the degeneration of health among many people today. We live a sedentary lifestyle by indulging in activities like watching television for hours together, sitting and working in front of the computer most of the time, lack of time for physical exercise/activities etc. We live a stressful life with huge targets to be achieved within a given deadline. In addition, we are eating more processed foods than ever before in human history and we abuse our bodies by constant intake of medicines/pharmaceuticals. We are also constantly bombarded and exposed to Fast food and/or Junk food at each and every corner, the constant consumption of which is not very healthy for us. As a result of all of the above things, there exists a generation that is woefully out-of-shape, overweight and obese. The present generation is suffering from a lot of ailments and diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, Obesity etc. due to sedentary lifestyle, stressful work environment and unhealthy eating habits.

The growing health awareness today has increased the demand for food products that support and aid better health. Consumers are demanding a greater variety of low calorie, sugar free, low sodium and other healthy products as they strive to make healthier food choices.

Ensigns Health Care Pvt. Ltd is manufacturer of Low Calorie Liquid and Powder Sweeteners under the brand name of “Sweetos”.  It also has numerous other wellness and healthy products under its basket to cater to the needs of diabetics and calorie conscious people. Our motto is “Eat Healthy, Be Healthy”. We believe in the old age adage that “Prevention is better than cure”.