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Health Statistic 2012 As per the WHO’s, The World Health Statistic 2012 report one in six adults is obese, one in 10 is diabetic, one in three has raised blood presence and 10 % with raised blood glucose levels.
1)Sugar-not so Sweet for Indians
India is home to over 61 million diabetic patients.
2)Get that pressure down
As many as 24% men and 22.6% women in India - aged 25 years and above - are suffering from high blood pressure (BP).
3)The world is getting heavier
Worldwide, 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. (Ref: WHO)
Be Smart, Eat Smart Our goal to produce low calorie foods that meet consumer expectations which results in customer delight. Among these specialized functional ingredients Low Calorie sweeteners and Low Sodium salt are in the forefront today due to their wide range of application of these two products in different segments.
Working for the Healthier World The growing health awareness today has increased the demand for food products that support better health. Consumers are demanding a greater variety of low calorie products as they strive to make healthier food choices. In this perspective several new ingredients are coming up to support the growing market demand.